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About this Business

Flow Lab yoga focuses on delivering yoga to meet the needs of practitioners that live an energetic lifestyle. We want your movement to come to life…Our classes are centred on the art of being present, connected and feeling alive in your body. Flow Lab has a beautiful community of teachers and like minded practitioners that will make your yoga journey warm and exciting.

What we teach

We like to keep things simple whilst still respecting yoga tradition. All of our classes are adapted to suit the modern yogi lifestyle.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a dynamic style of hatha yoga that connects movement to breathe. A Vinyasa practice cultivates heat in the body using traditional postures as well as incorporating flowing creative sequences of movement that gets you moving in ways you have never moved before.

Yoga Strength & Mobility

Our Strength & Mobility class will help you perform your day to day activities more easily. You will discover the joy of working with your bodyweight. This class will help you, keep your muscles and joints healthy, improve your strength and overall technique.

Mat Pilates

Pilates is the perfect compliment to your yoga practice. Improving your core awareness and strength is a sure way to prevent the negative effects of sitting for extended periods. Improve your spinal health & mobility by activating your core & building your postural awareness.


If you want to reduce stress, improve health and boost longevity, then start with your breathing.

Hatha (Slow Flow) Yoga

Hatha focuses on building enough heat to then allow you to melt into a deeper restorative or yin style pose.  It provides ample time to focus on your breath and connect to the sensations that arise in your body as you maintain alignment. Balancing an active practice that works on increasing blood flow to build stamina and flexibility, with passive long holds that allow us to give the love that our connective tissues and joints need.

Yoga 101

Designed for entry-level yogis or back to the mat yogis that have dabbled with yoga but are not ready to commit to a more regular practice. Essentials are the basics, the foundation movements that are incorporated in a regular vinyasa practice. Definitely recommended for beginners that are new to our studio.


Is our Yin / Restorative class will help you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system. A well balanced class that will have you slowing right down. You will move through traditional yin postures, transition into more restorative positions and find your self in a dream like state by the end of class.