Chess - Group Play to ignite Creative Thinking

Chess – Group Play to ignite Creative Thinking

Experts say that one of the most important thing we should educate our children is to teach them to be creative, and one of the most effective ways to train and nurture creative thinking in children is to teach them how to think forward and to think of possible courses of actions and the consequences each action would produce.

Doesn’t that sound like a game of chess?

If teaching your children to learn to play chess sounds like a good idea, then the next question is, how to teach them to play without the risk of getting them to become bored in the early stages and ultimately giving up?

Here are 5 ideas to make chess fun for kids, and hopefully help them develop a love for the game:

  • Start with simpler chess games (e.g. checkers), before progressing to the more complicated chess game
  • Don’t focus too much on the rules: make it as simple as possible without getting too caught up with details of the rules
  • Play with them, and play at their level, and occasionally let them win
  • Offer a small prize for the winner, e.g. a lolli, to make it more fun and exciting
  • Develop a routine with them, to help develop a chess-playing habit, e.g. play with them twice a week, or make it a weekend routine, etc.

Do you agree with the above ? Do they make sense to you? Have you got other ideas you’d like to share with our parents? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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